Customer Information Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Relyant Communications Customers,

This is an important announcement to our valued customers concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) and our operations.   As of Wednesday, March 18, 2020, and until further notice, we will be closing our business office lobbies to walk-in customers.   We want to protect our employees, our customers, and their families from possible exposure to coronavirus and to prevent further spread of the virus.   Our drive-thru window at the Washington Office will remain open for in-person transactions as needed.   We ask that you take advantage of our many options to conduct business with Relyant Communications.   We will remain available to assist you by phone or email, or by our on-line account access, SmartHub.   You can make payments through multiple means such as bank drafts, credit/debit/check payment by phone using our automated Secure Pay System at 706-678-9827, via SmartHub, or by utilizing our night drops.

When you contact us for assistance at your home or business, we will attempt to troubleshoot and repair your services remotely and may ask that you assist us in troubleshooting issues inside your premises.   Additionally, before dispatching technicians to your location, we will ask if there is anyone there with an illness or infection.   If so, we will do everything we can to resolve your service issues remotely, and we may limit our on-site efforts to outside your home/building.

As an added measure of safety, our technicians are being dispatched from their homes.   This lowers the risk of contamination from other co-workers and reduces the risk of virus transmission to other employees and customers.  We ask that any direct contact with our technicians be limited.  While we enjoy interaction with our customers, we ask that you keep a safe distance from them as they complete their tasks associated with the maintenance of your services.

We pledge to continue to provide you high quality telecommunications services during these unprecedented times, and we ask that you be patient with us as we do what we can to protect our employees and our customers.

Thank you,

Relyant Communications



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